Details of Our Next Historical Gathering

We’re going to be holding our next gathering in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. The provisional date is November 29, 2014. We’re planning to hold the event at As You Like It, but this location is subject to change. However, we can guarantee that it’s going to be in this general area – so if you’re coming from outside of Newcastle, you can book your hotel or B&B without worry!

Event Details

The event hasn’t been set in stone as of yet, but we can give you a vague sketch – don’t hold us to it! However, you can be sure it’s going to be something similar to the following:

  • Meeting at 11:00AM at Newcastle Central Station
  • Coffee/Breakfast at a nearby convenient location
  • Visit to historical site at around 12:30pm (transport by mini bus)
  • Late lunch at As You Like It with a surprise guest speaker (hint: he’s a huge figure when it comes to Newcastle history)
  • Drinks at a quiet Jesmond pub, where we’ll discuss history with fellow members! This is usually the best part :-)

Costs: each member will need to pay an additional £10 to cover the tickets to the historical site as well as the transport costs. We’re going to be subsiding members with the attached costs, so we hope you find a tenner reasonable! Please give us your feedback on this if you have any objections.

Travel Details

Newcastle Central Station is directly connected to the metro. You can either take a metro to Jesmond or a taxi – buses are also available, but nowhere near as convenient!

There are two metro stations in the area: Jesmond and West Jesmond. Both stations are walking distance from As You Like It, but if you have any mobility issues we suggest making taxi arrangements. It costs around £10 to get from Newcastle Central Station to Jesmond – usually it’s less, however. But it’s always good to have some extra change handy just in case. If you pay more, you’ve been had.

Additional Events

In addition to our ‘main’ events, we’re also planning on having a couple of casual drinks on Friday night for those of you arriving the day before. Considering that most of the team live near the Jesmond area, we’re probably going to stick to a pub near there! However, it’s going to be a quiet ‘old man’ pub as it can get a little busy on a Friday night. While we’re not quite stuffy historians, a Geordie weekend night out is just a little too much for most of us!

Where to Stay

For those of you that are arriving on Friday, we recommend you stay in a hotel in Jesmond. The prices are usually a lot lower than in Newcastle city centre, and you’ll also be closer to all of the events! There are several hotels you can stay in, but we particularly recommend Jesmond Dene House and the Rosebery Hotel in Jesmond. Both are gorgeous hotels, with the former having a particular ‘historical’ feel to it. The Rosebery is a great example of using vintage French furniture and upcycling it – great mix of both history and modern style.


Not sure whether you can make it? Wondering who the secret guest is going to be (we’re not going to tell!)? Or maybe you just want to know As You Like It’s menu options. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to get in touch. We’re happy to answer your questions.